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Natural Cotton Fabric Hand Woven

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Hand-woven cotton fabric with natural dyes. Ban Khan Tha Kwian It is recognized as a hand-woven cotton fabric. Quality bark stained And unique By using local natural ingredients Therefore, it is a quality hand-woven cotton fabric created from nature in every step. Which has been inherited as local wisdom to each other It is a cultural wisdom that has been passed down from generation to generation in the community.

Natural dyed cotton weaving group Is a group of women in the village With weaving skills inherited from each other Which has the strength of the product is hand-painted cotton Which is 100% chemical free cotton because it is the cotton that the villagers grow by the Mekong River The Ban Khan Tha Kwian cotton weaving group is therefore confident That it is free and safe cotton And is definitely cotton that saw the sun before anyone else in Siam Also, the colors used by the group are natural colors. And there are eye-catching patterns such as Khit Jam, Mudmee pattern, Rain pattern, Pineapple pattern, Luk Kaew pattern, Lai Water pattern, Jok Dok pattern, which is the original pattern that has been passed down from ancestors. And also a legacy of community wisdom Present to the outside society.

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