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The fabric used for sewing our hotel linens. It comes from the best weaving factory, ranked 1 in 3 in Thailand, certainly not Chinese. The yarn that we sew is a good thread. Durable in laundry, tensile strength, quality guaranteed. From customers all over the country

Most hotels use white bedding. Although white is easy to stain But it is easy to clean as well, because we can use a white detergent to smear the stained spots without fear of stained clothes like colored ones. Which the fabric of the color itself cannot do like this However, resort hotels prefer to use white cloth. What fabric to use? You can click to see the section "type of fabric".

The sheets are corner in 5 sizes.
1. Corner bedding 3.5 ft.
2. 4-foot fitted sheet
3. 5 ft. Fitted sheet
4. 6-foot corner guards
5. Corner linen 7 feet
** Cut sheets for circular beds or special sizes as you want. One piece is cut.

The sheets are Flat in 5 sizes.
1. Flat sheet size 70 ″ x 110 ″ for mattresses 3.5 feet up to 9 inches.
2. Flat sheet size 80 ผ้าปูที่นอน x 110 ″ for 3.5 feet mattresses over 9 inches or 4 feet mattresses.
3. Flat sheet size 90 x 110 ″ for mattresses 5 feet up to 9 inches.
4. Flat sheet size 110 ″ x 110 ″ for mattresses 6 feet up to 10 inches.
5. Flat sheet size 110 ″ x 120 ″ for mattresses 6 feet tall more than 10 inches or mattress 7 feet.

There are several types of linens to choose from:
1. CVC 190T / sq.inch (plain white)
2. Cotton 220T / sq.inch (smooth fabric)
3. Cotton 230T / sq.inch (plain white)
4. Cotton 250T / sq.inch (plain white)
5. Cotton 260T / sq.inch (woven stripe-colored fabric / white fabric)
6. Cotton 300T / sq.inch (plain white / streak white)
7. Cotton 500T / sq.inch (special weave)
8. Cotton 500T / sq.inch (plain fabric / smooth whites)
9 Cotton Silk 500T / 10sq.cm (white stripe / smooth / white checkerboard-colored chess)
10. TC 190T / sq.inch (plain fabric)

Fabric Specification

Color TC fabric

TC fabric is a blend of cotton 35% and polyester 65%. The nature of the fabric is not wrinkled, no iron required. And the fabric is cheap Suitable for daily, hourly or room rates up to 500 baht and suitable for hotels and resorts in the provinces that prefer colored fabrics or have problems with yellow tap water or cannot use white cloths.

CVC fabric

CVC fabric is a fabric blend between Cotton 50% and Polyester 50% .The nature of the fabric is not very wrinkled, no need to iron a lot. It is softer than TC fabric and the price is not very high. Mostly used in 1-3 star hotels, resorts or rooms that cost less than 700 baht per room.

100% Cotton

The nature of the fabric, the advantage is that the cotton is, the more wrinkled but the softer it is washed And is very durable But the disadvantage of the cotton fabric is that it will be wrinkled naturally. Cotton has a number of yarns ranging from 220, 250 to 300 and 500 strands per square inch. Most commonly used in hotels 3-6 stars, divided by the number of threads. The more yarn, the softer the tighter, the more tough it will be.

Woven Cotton Satin with stripe pattern

The nature of the fabric is woven with 100% cotton fabric, Sateen pattern, called Cotton Satin, which is woven in stripes or checkered pattern, suitable for resorts and hotels that want soft and smooth bedding, looks luxurious, the price is higher than other types of fabrics.

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