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Welcome to Ruangthai Business company.

We are a company that has been operating since 2018, starting with the business of computers and peripherals. Providing computer assembly as per the customer's requirements It is also the importer of computer in All in One from China.

After 3 years, the company changed its business to export rubber mattresses from the manufacturers from the south. Until finally the dissolution of the computer business turned to be made in full rubber By ordering rubber mattresses and then sewing the mattress covers into finished products and making a single export market And began to expand production into natural rubber pillows rubber mattress for children up to 3 years old. And is the originator of the Khit fabric from the Northeast of Thailand stuffed with rubber. By bringing the non-sized rubber to spin coarse and stuffed in the Khit cloth, such as the Khit cloth, rubber Natural rubber pillows Khit rubber cloth cushions and so on. That are sold both domestically and internationally Is popular from European countries. Aside from the production of rubber products We have started to export the paper market by receiving inquiries from customers who contact in the rubber business. Therefore began to find a medium-sized factory factory that produces quality products but lack of international marketing Which we sell only in overseas markets From the beginning of the paper used in the office and nowadays we have a variety of paper Such as kraft paper, preprinted paper in both reams and rolls Various types and sizes We also accept OEM production for customers who want to have their own products.

We only produce quality products. And the best services.

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